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To the esteemed convention delegates, a warm and gracious afternoon to each of you. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the confidence you have vested in me today. It has been a remarkable journey, starting from the role of assistant financial secretary and ascending the ladder to this moment. Through it all, God's goodness has shone brightly.

Each morning, my knees and back remind me of their presence before I even open my eyes, yet God's goodness remains unwavering. His touch welcomes me to a new day, and the simple act of breathing becomes a testament to His kindness. I am in my right mind, well, I think I am, God is still so good. I have food on my table, and a good  measure of health and strength, God is indeed good.

My children, grandchildren and family are well and I've been able to converse, glean, and communicate with each of you this week, God is so good. I'm certain I'm not alone in this gratitude. God is a good God.

To the Woman's Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention, I express my heartfelt appreciation. With your collective support, we carry forth a legacy of empowering Christian women and exalting the name of Jesus, a beacon drawing all humanity unto Him. Dr. Gadsden, your leadership propels us to loftier heights, and I pledge to stand upon the foundations laid by you and the exceptional leaders preceding us.

Dr. Gadsden, your love, unwavering support, and words of encouragement are deeply cherished. The mountains and valleys I've traversed are avenues of gratitude, revealing God's providence. Without trials, His solutions would remain veiled, and the depths of faith would remain untapped.

Through the journey, trust in Jesus has blossomed, and reliance on God has deepened. Once again, I express my profound thanks to the Woman's Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention for this honor.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, 

President, WBEMCSC

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