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2023-2024 Platforms

Theme: "Empowering Voices: "Fostering An Environment That Empowers Women To Use Their Voices And Influence"

Judges 4-5, 1 Samuel 1-2, John 4

Empowering Voices 

Tutoring Initiative

Equipping our Generations: Reading and Math Mentoring & Tutoring Initiative 

Women in Ministry

Giving our women in ministry a platform to learn, grow, and be spiritually equipped to serve this present age.

Holistic Ministry 

Word, Missions, Career, and Families 

Tutoring Initiative 

Equipping our Generations: Reading and Math Mentoring & Tutoring Initiative

District Missionaries and Missionary Societies are encouraged to launch a reading and math mentorship program at a local school in the name of the Woman's Baptist E&M Convention. To kickstart this endeavor, please reach out to Dr. Crenshaw for necessary approvals and any essential resources.


Many of us are experienced women with diverse skills in reading and math. While our physical abilities may have slowed, our capacity to teach reading, writing, and math to the younger generation remains strong. The upcoming generations have unique needs, and to ensure their success, they require comprehensive tutoring and mentoring. This initiative can also align with the Young Women's Association (YWA). Be sure to obtain all the necessary approvals, including flyers and information, from Dr. Crenshaw for your mentorship program.

Empowering Youth To Read Flyer to aide in helping young people

Women In Ministry 

Women in Ministry- Giving our Women in Ministry a platform to Learn, Grow, and

be Spiritually Equipped to serve this Present Age.

Reverend Mamie Miller and Reverend Señora Mumford will spearhead this platform, in collaboration with the Spiritual Life, to provide a space for women in ministry to learn, share, and acquire fresh insights, equipping them for their mission of spreading God's word. This convention will function as a vital support and training resource for individuals involved in ministry.

Holistic Ministry 

Holistic  Ministry: Embracing Word, Missions, Careers, and Families.

This convention will persist in its mission to empower individuals in their faith, support mission trips to aid our global brethren, nurture family bonds, raise awareness about health, and create enhanced career prospects.

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