Hilda D. Gadsden.
WBEMCSC President

“For the Lord grants wisdom! From His mouth comes Knowledge and understanding…

He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to Him.”

-Proverbs 2:6, 8 NLT


Greetings my Sisters of the WBEMCSC,

I pray all is well with you and your family. Please take time to read all pages of this letter.

We are in the midst of challenging times in our state and the entire world. As a result of COVID 19, we are experiencing issues we never would have anticipated. By faith I believe that we are going to come through this and will have greater victory on the other side. The Lord God word will stand.


With that in mind and weighing all the information, with careful consideration and much prayer, I am announcing my decision to postponing the 132nd Annual Session of the Woman’s Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina. Sisters, I want you to know that this decision was not made lightly. These steps were taken over the last few weeks before a final decision was made:

  • Input received from the many calls from Presidents of Associations/Districts/Unions representative of their membership across the state of South Carolina.

  • Assessment of the sentiments expressed by local and state leadership.

  • Analysis of pre-registration financial data as April 2020.

  • Review of the Center for Disease Center (CDC), state of emergency guidelines and health experts most qualified in dealing with this pandemic.


I was looking forward to greeting each of you, my sisters, in Spartanburg, SC, June 15-19, 2020. However, I take seriously our responsibility to make decisions based on the health and well-being of delegates and the entire membership of the WBEMCSC (seniors, youths, young women (YWA) and especially those with underlying health issues).

Sisters, we may not be able to be with each other right now, but we can open our hearts to be there for one another. Many of you have been daily serving as volunteers, sending text, facebook, and Instagram and or landline telephone calls. Please keep it going!

Since we are not able to meet in person, let me take this opportunity to announce that I am looking into the possibility of live-streaming a mini WBEMCSC Conference. We will have the opportunity to conduct convention business and elections (Youth Department, YWA and Senior Women). I am working diligently to establish this option for us to be able to meet.  I have been in touch with our website company for gathering technology and communication information on the capability to bring our first live-streamed WBEMCSC to life. More information in regards to the specifics and planning of the mini session will be shared within the next coming weeks.

No, my sisters, we cannot replicate a state convention in size. During this mini conference voting privileges will be limited to registered church/association/union delegates. On that note, I thank each of you for your past support of the WBEMCSC and I hope we can count on your continued support for 2020. I am asking that you continue to mail in your registration using Auxiliary/Department Convention letters and payment instruction. Registration Forms can be found on the website: wbemcsc.org


Review the following information to assist in preparing your registration forms.


Senior Women

  • Church Registration-$150 (one voting delegate) *see Convention Letter for additional registration information ($20.00 each)

  • Association/Union/District Registration-$200 (two voting delegates)

  1. Merit Incentive Award given to (5) highest paying Churches and (3) Association, Union and District in all of the categories listed on the Convention Letter. 

  • Queen Contest. Contact Mrs. Vivian Allen for additional information

  • Individual Registration- $50.00



  • Church Registration-$100

  • Association-$150

  • District/ Union-$100

  • Queen Contest: Church-$400 minimum

                                  Association-$1000 minimum

                                  District/ Union-$750 minimum                                                                                                        

                                  Individual Registration- $30.00



  • Junior Society/Auxiliary-$50.00

  • Associational Youth Auxiliary-$60.00 or more

  • Loving Cup (Dr. Gladys Goforth)- Highest amount over $45.00 receive report from Society/Auxiliary


(Please report Morris College and Benedict College Rally)





Committees- submit financial $ report (Ms. Valarie Cooper) and written report (Ms. Michele Daniels)

Districts 1-6- submit written report (Mrs. Vivian Allen) and financial assessment (Ms. Valarie Cooper) 

Elected and Appointed Officers- submit financial $ report (Ms. Valarie Cooper)

 Contributions by churches, associations, unions, districts, officers, executive board members, committees and individuals would certainly provide the revenue for operating expenses and meet the obligations of the Woman’s Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention. Please know that whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks be to God that because we were able to have an understanding and agreement with the hotel establishments, we will not incur any financial liability secondary to the postponement of the WBEMCSC. Thanks to the Marriott Hotel (downtown) Sales Department for their diligence in serving our organization. The Marriott (downtown) Spartanburg will host the WBEMCSC in 2021. Dates are June 14-18, 2021, Spartanburg, SC.

I commend the Host Committee of Missionaries from District 4 for exceptional planning for the 132nd Annual Session, and their understanding of the cancellation.  And, I thank them for agreeing to act as Host District for the WBEMCSC to be held June 14-18, 2021 in Spartanburg, SC.

You can cancel your registration at any time!

Marriott (Downtown-864-596-1211)

 AC Hotel (864-585-8900) 

Hampton Inn (864-577-9080)

Courtyard By Marriott (864-585-2400)

WBEMCSC 2020 Rainbow Tea

Please contact Special Program Chair, Mrs. Vivian Allen for additional information if required.


Contact Ms. Valarie Cooper to purchase WBEMCSC calendar ($10).

Let us remain united in Faith, love and prayer. Sisters, the Lord be with you and establish the work of our hands. Please know that I am keeping each of you, your family and the WBEMCSC in my daily prayers.

Hilda D. Gadsden, President


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Woman’s Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina was organized in Columbia, South Carolina on April, 11, 1888 at Zion Baptist Church. Mrs. Fannie E. Davis was elected as the 1st President of the Woman’s Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina. Since Sister Davis there have been fourteen Presidents; each monumentally contributing to the growth and the enrichment of the organization.





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