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Executive Board & Congregational Districts


District I

Mrs. Mary H. Fox

Mrs. Barbara Johnson

Congregational Districts: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Horry, Jasper, Williamsburg

Associations: Antioch, Charleston County, Cooper River, Jerusalem, Kingston Lake, Lovely Hill, Mt. Carmel, Nazarene, New Ashley, New Zion, Old Ashley, Rock Springs, Williamsburg

Photo - Rev. Abney.jpg

District II 

Reverend Irene Abney

Mrs. Terrie A. Hunter - Lawrence


Congregational Districts: Abbeville, Aiken, Edgefield, Greenwood, McCormick, Saluda

Associations: Bethlehem, Cedar Branch, Little River, Mt. Canaan, Ridge Hill, Savannah Valley, Simmon Ridge Samaritan, Storm Branch


District III 

Mrs. Carolyn Collier - Greene

Mrs. Vorise M. Peeples


Congregational Districts: Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Orangeburg

Associations: Beaver Creek, Bethlehem, Four Mile, Macedonia, Mt. Calvary, Mt. Hope, Mt. Olive, Orangeburg-Calhoun, Orangeburg-Orthodox, St. Matthews, Summer Grove


District IV

Mrs. Helen Rosemond-Saunders 

Mrs. Nadine Anderson


Congregational Districts: Anderson, Greenville, Laurens, Oconee, Pickens,Spartanburg

Associations: Enoree River, North Enoree, Oolenoy, Reedy River, Rocky River, Seneca River, Spartanburg, Tumbling Shoals, Tyger River


District V  

Mrs. Jessie Reeder

Mrs. Shirley Smith

Congregational Districts: Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Newberry, Union

Associations: Bethel, Catawba River, Fairfield, Kershaw, Mt. Moriah, Mt. Peaceful, New Enoree, Pacolet River, Sandy River (UD), Sandy River (LD), St. Paul, St. Vaugnville, Thickerty Mountain, Bright Light


District VI

Minister Senora Mumford

Mrs. Mary Gillens   


Congregational Districts: Clarendon, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee, Lexington, Marion, Richland, Sumter, Marlboro

Associations: Berea, Black River, chesterfield, Christian Fellowship, Gethsemane, Little Pee Dee, Midlands, Mt. Carmel, New Zion, Overcoming, Pee Dee, St. John, Sumter, Surprise, Wateree (LD), Wateree (UD)       



Dr. Hilda D. Gadsden, President



(The President of the Convention is an Ex-Officio Member of all Standing Committees)


The purpose of the Audit Committee is to assist the Executive Board of the WBEMC in the oversight of (1) the integrity of the financial statements of WBEMC, (2) the effectiveness of the internal control over financial reporting, (3) the independent registered public accounting firm's qualifications and independence, (4) the performance of WBEMC internal audit function and independent registered public accounting firms, and (5)  compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and (6) the performance of WBEMC compliance function (7) ensure that the annual audit is complete in compliance with by-laws and all governing statues.

Mrs. Helen Schumpert, Chairperson (  Mrs. Marilyn N. Thomas and Mrs. Evia Thomas                        



The purpose of the Banquet Committee is to spearhead the convention's annual banquet.  The Banquet committee assists in planning and implementing all aspects of the banquet. The banquet committee should seek sponsorship for the banquet, suggest a banquet speaker, promote the sale of banquet tickets, and ensure excellent execution of the annual banquet.

Dr. Sarah Simmons, Chairperson ( Ms. Antionette Muldrow, Co-Chairperson (, Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Mrs. Ruby Nell Crooks, Mrs. Sheila Harris, Mrs. Miranda Prater, and Mrs. Varrie Haskell



The purpose of the Benedict College Rally Committee is to garner support from the convention for Benedict College.  Support in terms of funds, students, attendance at college activities, and community support of the college.                           Mrs. Maxine Pearson, Chairperson ( Co-Chairperson Reverend Lillie Burgess (, Mrs. Sandra Cunningham, Mrs. Mary Foster, Mrs. Lovie S. Howell, Mrs. Shirley Blassingame



The purpose of the Budget Committee is to coordinate the submission of WBEMC financial needs and prepare an annual itemized budget for approval by the board. Once approved the administration of this budget. Besides the Budget Committee:

  • Recommend and maintain appropriate fiscal policies for the board.

  • Prepare the Treasurer and financial secretary a monthly financial report of all receipts and disbursements for the business meeting.

  • Provide an annual report of all financial activities (receipts, disbursements, and investments) to the board.

  • Assist the Audit Committee as requested.

  • Provide input on non-budgeted items, advice on budget revisions or adjustments, consider unique offerings, and make recommendations concerning these issues to the board.

  • Advise the board on financial transactions regarding soundness and effect on the board's economic structure and standing.

  • Work closely with the President and Auditors, and other committees involving convention funds as requested.

Mrs. Trudie Dukes, Chairperson ( Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw, Ms. Valerie Cooper, Min. Brenda Heard and Ms.Sandra D. Short



The Business & Professional Women Committee's purpose is to plan and implement initiatives that will promote Christian Women in the Workforce.  Christian Women must be heard in our churches and on the professional level.  This committee can be influential in generating business support for the convention while encouraging women to take an active role in the business and professional world.

Ms. Deidra Odom, Chairperson ( Co-Chairperson, Mrs. Deborah Crawford (, Mrs. Beatrice J. Peoples, Reverend Thelma Dixon, Ms. Paulette Davis, Mrs. Pamela Williams, Mrs. Keisha McCleave



The purpose of the calendar committee is to develop the annual WBEMC calendar.  The calendar should contain the dates of all events and dates of the WBEMC.  Completion of the calendar should be on or before the beginning of the fiscal year.  The calendar committee should seek the sponsorship of the calendars to offset the cost of printing and dissemination.

Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Chairperson ( Mrs. Linda Dunlap, Ms. Betty J. Johnson, Mrs. Deborah Crawford, and Mrs. Shirley Berry



This committee is in charge of an ongoing review of the constitution and by-laws of the WBEMC.  If by-laws changes are required, the committee formulates them and submits them to the executive board for approval before submission to the membership. 

Dr. Mary Rice Crenshaw, Chairperson ( Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Mrs. Marilyn Thomas, Ms. Michelle Daniels, Minister Senora Mumford, and Dr. Sarah Simmons



The purpose of this committee is to lead the WBEMC in a genuine experience of worship in public services, and meetings and to provide a model to enrich devotional time in local and state gatherings.

Minister Ruthena Edwards, Chairperson ( Mrs. Lauretha Pittman, Dr. Sandra Sloan, and Reverend V. Dozier Williams



The District Missionaries' purpose is to work closely with local Missionary Groups to garner support for the WBEMC.  District Missionaries schedule local meetings, conduct workshops, and plan activities in the districts they represent.  District Missionaries also generate funds to support the work of WBEMC.                                                       

Mrs. LaSaine M. Yates, Chairperson ( Co-Chairperson, Mrs. Vivian Allen (, Mrs. Mildred Madden, Mrs. Sadie Young, Mrs. Sandra Sims, Mrs. Jessie Chandler, Mrs. Carolyn McCoy, Mrs. Linda Young, Mrs. Lessie Gore, Mrs. Geneva Thomas, Mrs. Lillie Whitten, Mrs. Sandra Singleton, Mrs. Emma Marvels, Mrs. Johnnie Keyes, Dr. Sandra Sloan, Mrs. Kathy Bethea-McQueen, Mrs. Thelma Garnes, Mrs. Mary Fox, Mrs. Mary Rice-Crenshaw and Ms. Antionette Muldrow



The Ecumenical Fellowship committee aims to foster and promote unity among the churches in the WBEMC.  Ecumenical Fellowship also involves a friendship between denominations: involving or promoting relations between different denominations.

Reverend Sarah Robertson, Chairperson ( Reverend Hazel Reese, Minister Marcia Hawkins, Reverend Patricia B. Smith-Wright, Reverend Dr. Tiawana Mayo, and Reverend Sarah Lynette Priester



The purpose of the Education Committee is to work with the president to administer the convention's educational programs.  The committee provides educational opportunities for the membership, develops goals and objectives for Christian education programs, provides curriculum and supplementary materials and equipment for WBEMC, and communicates information about the membership's WBEMCSC educational programs.

Mrs. Hattie E. Hughes, Chairperson ( Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Cecelia McWhorter,  Evangelist Shirley Miller, Mrs. Shirley B. Oliver, Mrs. Jeanette Scott, and Mrs. Denise Matthews



The purpose of the election committee is to monitor and ensure the election is conducted according to the WBEMC Constitution and By-laws processes.

Reverend Carolyn Brantley, Chairperson ( Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, Mrs. Queen Roseboro, Mrs. Margaret Riggins, and Mrs. Louise Nelson



This committee aims to promote missions (local, associational, state, national, and international) in churches and WBEMC through prayer, financial support, and activities.  The committee serves as a resource for or liaison between WBEMC and local churches.  The committee studies new mission possibilities and makes recommendations to WBEMC. 

Mrs. Helen Schumpert, Coordinator (  Mrs. Ruby Nell Crooks, Mrs. Betty Avery, Mrs. Marguerite Jamison, Mrs. Gloria McLaughlin, Mrs. Ruth Cunningham, and Mrs. Mary Gillens



The Health Initiative Committee finds ways to bridge gaps in care with healthy health promotion and illness prevention emphasis.  Also, the committee educates, advocates, and provides training to promote healthy Christian lifestyles.  The committee is concerned with the spiritual, social, mental, and physical well-being of the membership.                                    Ms. Melanie L. Daniel, Chairperson ( Minister Buquilla Ervin-Cannon, Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, and Mrs. Joann Kearse



This committee aims to locate and preserve all the historical records and other related materials of the WBEMC.  The committee will also assist WBEMC in making and keeping accurate, comprehensive descriptions of its current life and work.  The committee recommends policies and procedures to the Executive Board regarding its historical documents and materials.  The committee communicates the heritage and legacy of WBEMC and serves as a resource to collect, store and preserve the historical records of WBEMC.

Ms. Melissa Myers, Chairperson ( Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw, Dr. Jacqueline W. Canty, Mrs. Lessie Gore, and Dr. Audrey P. Neal



The Merit Performance Committee's purpose is to provide an incentive for churches to support all arms of the WBEMC.  The committee reviews the Convention statistical report to identify Auxiliaries (Districts) that meet the Merit Recognition standards.

Ms. Betty F. Johnson, Chairperson ( Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Mrs. Mildred Tolbert, Minister Xanthine Gillard



The leadership Training Committee works to establish leadership training sessions for the WBEMC.  This committee's goal includes planning annual training sessions on leadership and creating opportunities for the membership to develop Christian leadership skills.  

Reverend Thelma F. Dixon, Chairperson ( Reverend Edna McKinney, Mrs. Nina Bradley, and Evangelist Janice Bridges, Dr. Victoria Dixon-Mokeba, and Rev. Dr. Maxcina Gadsden


The purpose of the Life Membership Committee is to encourage lifelong support of WBEMC.   Life members receive a medallion and recognition for being a life member of WBEMC.  Funds generated through life membership support the work of the convention.  To be a life member, one must commit to paying $100.00 and continue to support the committee each year. 

Mrs. Carolyn McKenzie, Chairperson ( Mrs. Lessie Gore, Minister Grace Winestock, Mrs. Agnes Hardison, Mrs. Pearl Simmons, Mrs. Debra Jordan, and Mrs. Geraldine Green



This committee aims to ensure that literature is displayed at all services and stocked with sufficient quantities. This committee also encourages the members to share their writings. All proceeds from the sale of literature support the work of the WBEMC.

Reverend Dr. Tiawana Mayo, Chairperson ( Mrs. Patricia Gillard, Co-chairperson, Ms. Allison Boone, and Mrs. Carolyn Collier-Greene



This committee plans and implements a memorial service for deceased members.  The committee depends on the membership to notify the committee members of death in the WBEMC family. 

Mrs. Trudie Dukes, Chairperson ( Mrs. Jonnie Hartley, Mrs. Ada Graham, Mrs. Mary Martin, Mrs. Lillie Whitten, and Mrs. Tilatha Moore



The purpose of the Morris College Rally Committee is to garner support from the convention for Morris College.  Support in terms of funds, students, attendance at college activities, and community support of the college.

Mrs. Lula Burns, Chairperson ( Mrs. Eloise Johnson, Mrs. Jessie Reeder, Mrs. Lucy Tolbert, Mrs. Pearlease Timmons, Mrs. Jessie Chandler, Mrs. Ethel McCullough, Mrs. Emma Ross, and Mary Dinkins



This committee is in charge of developing the slate of officers for the coming year.  The committee is to make every effort to secure workers for WBEMC as needed to be recommended to the membership. 

Mrs. Beatrice J. Peoples, Chairperson ( Mrs. Dorothy Edwards, and Mrs. Willie Mae Taylor



The Nurses Guild is to provide health care for those in need at all functions of the WBEMC.  Nurses may be on duty or on call to provide medical assistance or support when needed.

Mrs. Diane J. Myers (, Chairperson: Mrs. Janie Brown, Mrs. Ruth McKinney, Mrs. Pamela Odom Ball, and Mrs. Lakesha Franks


The Political Action Committee aims to keep the WBEMC informed of political issues that will impact the membership.  While we do not support any particular party, information is to educate the membership leading them to make informed decisions. 

Mrs. Terrie A. Hunter-Lawrence, Chairperson ( Dr. Sarah Simmons, Reverend Patricia Smith-Wright, Mrs. Peggy Sanders, and Mrs. Betty Young



The Program Committee has the responsibility to plan, design, and implement programs that will foster the growth of the WBEMC.  This committee makes recommendations on programming that will carry out the mission of WBEMC.

Mrs. Vivian Allen, Chairperson ( Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw, Reverend Thelma Dixon, Ms. Michelle Daniels, Mrs. Candace B. McLeod, and Dr. Marthena Grate Morant.



The Public Relations Committee is responsible for publishing information to keep the membership and Baptist community informed of the work of WBEMC.  The Public Relations Committee works to keep the WBEMC in good standing with the Baptist Family.  To create good press about the work of the WBEMC.

Mrs. Sheila Harris, Chairperson ( and Rev. Dr. Maxcina Gadsden Digital Technology Chairperson ( Ms. Janie P. Jones, Minister S. Michelle Everett, Ms. Antoinette L. Muldrow



This committee aims to consider all matters of finance and make recommendations as appropriate to the Executive Board for approval or disapproval.  A record of all funds shall pass through this committee and be recorded on the books of WBEMC. All auxiliaries must provide documentation of all expenses to the Treasurer.   The Finance Committee and Executive Board should approve fundraisers associated with WBEMC.  The Treasurer will work closely with this committee to ensure that all financial procedures are followed.

Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Advisor ( Financial: Ms. Sandra Short (, Treasurer/Coordinator; Min. Brenda Heard, Financial Secretary; Registration: Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Coordinator/Registrar/Pre-Registration (; Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Registrar, Minister Mona Kelley, Registrar, Ms. Alicia Graham, Registrar, Mrs. Kathy Bethea-McQueen, Registrar and Ms. Antoinette McCant, Assistant.    



The purpose of this committee is to present resolutions that honor and acknowledge the work of the membership.  The committee works closely with the Executive Board to identify and propose Resolutions.

Reverend Patricia Smith-Wright, Chairperson ( Mrs. Annette Burney, Mrs. Margaret Riggins



The Scholarship Committee is committed to recruiting and recommending the WBEMC Scholarship award to qualified scholarship applicants.  The Scholarship committee disseminates the scholarship guidelines to the membership.  The committee reviews all scholarship applications.  Once all applications are reviewed, the committee makes a recommendation to the Executive Board.

Mrs. Mildred Madden, Chairperson ( Mrs. Vivian Allen, Mrs. Lula Burns, Mrs. Annice Brown, Mrs. Annie Futrell, Mrs. Beverly Murphy, and Mrs. Gail W. Tolbert



The Social Concerns Committee aims to keep WBEMC at the forefront of applying biblical doctrine to the present age's social concerns. 

Mrs. Brenda Clark, Chairperson ( Mrs. Joan Harps, Mrs. Roberta Simmons, and Mrs. Victoria Abram



The Spiritual Life Committee works closely with the Executive Board to plan and implement spiritual sessions for women in the ministry. 

Reverend Dr. Mamie Miller, Chairperson ( Co-Chairperson Reverend Barbara Pickard, Reverend Hilda McMahand, Reverend Hazel Reese, Reverend Helen Livingston, Reverend Maeliza Grant, Minister Senora Mumford, Reverend Dr. Maxcina C. Gadsden, and Reverend Debra Stevens



This committee works closely with the President and Executive Board to recommend the time and place of the Annual Session of the WBEMC. 

Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Chairperson ( Mrs. Ada Legree, and Mrs. Darlene Green



This committee is responsible for organizing and securing ushers for all WBEMC sessions. The committee recommends ushers and greeters to serve at all services, arriving early for sessions to ensure that all appropriate doors are opened, and lights are on.

Mrs. Verel Martin, Chairperson ( Host Church Ushers and State Baptist Ushers Department.

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