• Hilda D. Gadsden


  • Mrs. Mary Alice Graham

    1st Vice President

  • Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw

    2nd Vice President

  • Ms. Michele Daniels

    Recording Secretary

  • Minister Senora Mumford

    Assistant Recording Secretary

  • Mrs. Vivian Allen

    Corresponding Secretary

  • Minister Brenda Heard

    Financial Secretary

  • Mrs. Valerie Cooper


  • Mrs. Marilyn Thomas


  • Ms. Paulette W. Davis


  • Dr. Sarah Simmons


  • Mrs. Helen Schumpert

    Director of Missions

  • Mrs. Robin Jackson

    Music Director

  • Ms. Alicia L. Graham


  • Minister Candice McLeod


  • Ms. Crystal Myers

    YWA President

Executive Board & Congregational Districts

District I

Mrs. Lessie Gore

Mrs. Margaret Riggins

Congregational Districts: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Horry, Jasper, Williamsburg

Associations: Antioch, Charleston, Cooper River, Jerusalem, Kingston Lake, Lovely Hill, Mt. Carmel, Nazarene, New Ashley, Rock Springs, Williamsburg

District II 

Mrs. Irene Abney


Congregational Districts: Abbeville, Aiken, Edgefield, Greenwood, McCormick, Saluda

Associations: Bethlehem, Cedar Branch, Little River, Mt. Canaan, Ridge Hill, Savannah Valley, Simmon Ridge Samaritan, Storm Branch

District III 

Reverend Dr. Shirley Miller

Ms. Melissa Myers


Congregational Districts: Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Orangeburg

Associations: Beaver Creek, Four Mile, Macedonia, Mt. Calvary, Mt. Hope, Mt. Olive, Orangeburg-Calhoun, Orangeburg-Orthodox, St. Matthews, Summer Grove

District IV

Mrs. Helen Rosemond-Saunders 

Mrs. Mildred Madden


Congregational Districts: Anderson, Greenville, Laurens, Oconee, Pickens,Spartanburg

Associations: Enoree River, North Enoree, Oolenoy, Reedy River, Rocky River, Seneca River, Spartanburg, Tumbling Shoals, Tyger River

District V  

Mrs. LaSaine Yates

Congregational Districts: Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Newberry, Union

Associations: Bethel, Catawba River, Fairfield, Kershaw, Mt. Moriah, Mt. Peaceful, New Enoree, Pacolet River,

Sandy River (UD), Sandy River (LD), St. Paul, St. Vaugnville, Thickerty Mountain, Bright Light

District VI

Ms. Antoinette L. Muldrow

Mrs. Mary Gillens   


Congregational Districts: Clarendon, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee, Lexington, Marion, Richland, Sumter, Marlboro

Associations: Berea, Black River, chesterfield, Christian Fellowship, Gethsemane, Little Pee Dee, Midlands, Mt. Carmel, New Zion, Overcoming, Pee Dee, Pee Dee #2, St. John, Sumter, Surprise, Wateree (LD), Wateree (UD)       



Mrs. Hilda D. Gadsden, President

1434 Amber Lane, Charleston, SC 29407

(843) 763-1385 Home (843) 442-5110 Cell

Reverend Carolyn Brantley, Executive Assistant (President)





AUDITING – hschumpert@yahoo.com

Mrs. Helen Schumpert, Chairperson: Mrs. Marilyn N. Thomas and Mrs. Evia Thomas


BANQUET- akasimmons1@gmail.com

Dr. Sarah Simmons, Chairperson: Ms. Antoinette L. Muldrow, Co-chairperson,

Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Mrs. Ruby Nell Crooks, Mrs. Shelia Harris, Mrs. Miranda Prater and

Mrs. Haskell


BENEDICT COLLEGE RALLY – maxine8030@hotmail.com

Mrs. Maxine Pearson, Chairperson: Reverend Lillie Burgess, Co-chairperson,

Mrs. Sandra Cunningham, Mrs. Mary Foster and Mrs. Lovie S. Howell, Mrs. Shirley Blassingame


BUDGET- trudied1947@gmail.com

Mrs. Trudie Dukes, Chairperson: Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw,

Mrs. Valerie Cooper and Minister Brenda Heard


BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL WOMEN- sandrasapinc@aol.com

Mrs. Sandra Sims, Chairperson: Mrs. Deborah Crawford, Mrs. Beatrice J. Peoples, Reverend Thelma Dixon, Mrs. Paulette Davis, Mrs. Lessie Gore, Mrs. Pamela Williams, Mrs. Darlene Myers, Mrs. Kesha McCleave and Ms. Deidra Odom


CALENDAR- Valerie.cooper@tridenttech.edu

Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Chairperson: Mrs. Linda Dunlap, Mrs. Betty J. Johnson,

Mrs. Deborah Crawford and Mrs. Shirley Berry


CONSTITUTION- dmmrice@aol.com

Dr. Mary Rice Crenshaw, Chairperson: Mrs. Mary Alice Graham,                                                     

Mrs. Marilyn Thomas, Mrs. Michelle Daniels and Minister Senora Munford


DEVOTIONAL- ruthena25@yahoo.com

Minister Ruthena Edwards, Chairperson: Evangelist Elizabeth Richburg,

Mrs. Loureatha Pittman, Reverend Dr. Sandra Sloan and Reverend V. Dozier Williams


DISTRICT MISSIONARIES- vjallen1213@msn.com

Mrs. Vivian Allen, Chairperson: Mrs. Mildred Madden, Mrs. Sadie Young, Mrs. Sandra Sims, 

Mrs. Jessie Chandler, Mrs. Carolyn McCoy, Mrs. Linda Young, Mrs. Leslie Gore,

Mrs. Geneva Thomas, Mrs. Lillie Whitten, Mrs. Sandra Singleton, Mrs. Emma Marvels,

Mrs. Johnnie Keyes,  Dr. Sandra Sloan, Mrs. Kathy Bethea-McQueen, Mrs. Thelma Garnes and Mrs. Mary Fox

ECUMENICAL FELLOWSHIP- sarahmrobertson@gmail.com

Reverend Sarah Robertson, Chairperson: Reverend Hazel Reese, Minister Marcia Hawkins, Reverend Patricia B. Smith-Wright, Reverend Dr. Tiawana Mayo, and Reverend Sarah Lynnette Priester


EDUCATION- dhugh2926@bellsouth.net

Mrs. Hattie E. Hughes, Chairperson: Mrs. Nancy P. Wilson, Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs. Cecelia McWhorter, Evangelist Shirley Miller, Mrs. Shirley B. Oliver, Mrs. Jeanette Scott and

Mrs. Denise Matthews.


ELECTION- carv.brantley@gmail.com

Reverend Carolyn Brantley, Chairperson: Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, Mrs. Queen Roseboro,

Mrs. Margaret Riggins and Mrs. Louise Nelson


GLOBAL MISSION- hschumpert@yahoo.com

Mrs. Helen Schumpert, Chairperson: Mrs. Ruby Nell Crooks, Mrs. Edreka Grey, Mrs. Betty Avery, Mrs. Marguerite Jamison, Mrs. Gloria McLaughlin, Mrs. Ruth Cunningham and Mrs. Mary Gillens


HEALTH INITIATIVES- mldaniel_29166@ahoo.com

Ms. Melanie L. Daniels, Chairperson: Dr. Sharon Jackson, Minister Buquilla Ervin-Cannon,

Dr. Cynthia Walters



Mrs. Marilyn Thomas, Chairperson: Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw,

Dr. Claudette C. Cureton, Dr. Lucille Whipper, Dr. Jacqueline W. Canty and Mrs. Lessie Gore


INCENTIVE/MERIT PERFORMANCE- bettyjohnson2130@att.net

Ms. Betty F. Johnson, Chairperson: Mrs. Valerie Cooper, Mrs. Mildred Tolbert and

Mrs. Xanthine Gilliard


LEADERSHIP TRAINING- jagladyd@aol.com

Reverend Thelma E. Dixon, Chairperson: Reverend Edna McKinney, Mrs. Nina Bradley, Evangelist Janice Bridges


LIFE MEMBERSHIP- eviathms@yahoo.com

Mrs. Evia Thomas, Chairperson: Mrs. Lessie Gore, Minister Grace Winestock, Mrs. Linda Carr, Mrs. Agnes Hardison, Mrs. Pearl Simmons, Mrs. Deborah Jordan and Mrs. Geraldine Green


LITERATURE- zetatent2015@gmail.com

Reverend Dr. Tiawana Mayo, Chairperson: Mrs. Patricia Gillard, Co-chairperson,

Ms. Allison Boone and Mrs. Carolyn Collier-Greene


MEMORIAL- trudied1947@gmail.com

Mrs. Trudie Dukes, Chairperson: Mrs. Jonnie Hartley, Mrs. Ada Graham, Mrs. Mary Martin,

Mrs. Lillie Whitten and Mrs. Tilatha Moore


MORRIS COLLEGE RALLY- mrslmburns@live.com

Mrs. Lula Burns, Chairperson: Mrs. Eloise Johnson, Mrs. Jessie Reeder, Mrs. Lucy Tolbert,

Mrs. Pearlease Timmons, Mrs. Jesse Chandler, Mrs. Ethel McCullough, Mrs. Emma Ross and

Mrs. Mary Dinkins


NOMINATING- peoplesb33@aol.com

Mrs. Beatrice J. Peoples, Chairperson: Mrs. Dorothy Edwards and Mrs. A. Lois Jackson


NURSES AND NURSES GUILD- williamandministercannon@yahoo.com

Minister Buquilla Ervin-Cannon, Chairperson: Mrs. Janie Brown and Mrs. Ruth McKinney


POLITICAL ACTION- tlawrencecreditcounselr@gmail.com

Mrs. Terrie A. Hunter-Lawrence, Chairperson: Dr. Sarah Simmons,

Reverend Patricia Smith-Wright, Mrs. Peggy Sanders and Mrs. Betty Young


PROGRAM- vjallen1213@msn.com

Mrs. Vivian Allen, Chairperson: Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Dr. Mary Rice-Crenshaw,

Reverend Thelma Dixon, Ms. Michele Daniels and Mrs. Candace B. McLeod


PUBLIC RELATIONS- sheilaharris5@aol.com

Mrs. Shelia Harris, Chairperson: Mrs. Janie P. Jones, Minister S. Michelle Everett,

Ms. Antoinette L. Muldrow and Mrs. Vanessa Turner-Maybank



Mrs. Alice Mary Graham, Advisor- maryalice.graham@yahoo.com


FINANCIAL: Ms. Valerie Cooper, Treasurer/Coordinator                                                                

Mrs. Brenda Heard, Financial Secretary


REGISTRATION: Ms. Sandra Short, Coordinator/Registrar/Pre-Registration- sfcdees@yahoo.com

Mrs. Mary Alice Graham, Registrar, Minister Mona Kelley, Registrar, Ms. Alicia Graham, Registrar,

Mrs. Helen Richardson, Registrar, Ms. Antoinette McCant, Assistant


RESOLUTION- psmithdanie@hotmail.com

Minister Patricia Smith-Wright, Chairperson: Mrs. Annette Burney and Mrs. Glenda Jefferson

and Mrs. Willie Mae Taylor


SCHOLARSHIP- millymaddenm@aol.com

Mrs. Mildred Madden, Chairperson: Mrs. Vivian Allen, Mrs. Lula Burns, Mrs. Annice Brown,

Mrs. Annie Futrell, Mrs. Beverly Murphy, Mrs. Gail W. Tolbert


SOCIAL CONCERN- brenat@bellsouth.net

Mrs. Brenda Clark, Chairperson: Mrs. Joan Harps, Mrs. Roberta Simmons, Mrs. Victoria Abram


SPIRITUAL LIFE- mwmiller2011@hotmail.com

Dr. Mamie Miller, Chairperson: Reverend Barbara Pickard, Co-chairperson, 

Reverend Hilda McMahand, Reverend Hazel Reese, Reverend Helen Livingston, Minister Lillie Hanks, Reverend Maeliza Grant, Minister Senora Mumford, Reverend Dr. Maxcina C. Gadsden


TIME AND PLACE- father@scccoast.net

Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Chairperson: Mrs. Ada Legree and Mrs. Darlene Green


USHERS ON DUTY- seamv@aol.com

Mrs. Verel Martin, Chairperson: Host Church and State Convention Ushers 


Woman’s Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina was organized in Columbia, South Carolina on April, 11, 1888 at Zion Baptist Church. Mrs. Fannie E. Davis was elected as the 1st President of the Woman’s Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina. Since Sister Davis there have been fourteen Presidents; each monumentally contributing to the growth and the enrichment of the organization.





Hilda D. Gadsden, President

1434 Amber Lane
Charleston, SC 29407 

Phone: (843) 442-5110

Fax: (843)-763-1385

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